Artist Statement

The story of the human body is not linear. Experiences, incomprehensible to medical technology, live inside the body.

Polish-American semantics scholar, Alfred Korzybski, coined the dictum, “the map is not the territory.” For Korzybski, reality is inaccessible—everything humans know intellectually comes from physiological response. My process confronts the reduction of complex physiological systems in favor of in depth sensory analysis of the human body. The work evolves over time, mirroring the state of living. I treat all of my materials as living beings; their interactions with the world and myself determine their form. I use organic and inorganic materials—mechanical, chemical, well-traveled, unearthed in desert sand, slept with, sanitized, adored, abused. In essence, my work is “Systemically Alive.”

Using Korzybski’s methodology, I consider the mapping of human form as something entirely different from the body itself. Some works echo patterns of cartilage, skin, and bone. I manipulate their forms such that they become references to the body, rather than maps used to explain it.

Body parts only exist in relationship. Cartilage and bone were embryologically the same fluid, human flesh mutates into abject matter when pulled off the bone, the saturated boney matrix becomes brittle when dehydrated. I build different versions of life, stressing the importance of sensing the body from the inside out as opposed to living life by listening to those deemed “experts.” This type of embodied inquiry has the potential to transform how we know ourselves.